Keep Your Feet On the Ground When Your Heads in the Clouds

       The Lyric “Keep your feet on the ground when your heads in the clouds” is my favorite lyric of all time.  This particular lyric is special to me because it is almost like Hayley Williams was giving me personal advice. She is saying that remember to ground yourself and not get to lost in your dreams. I listened to the song Brick By Boring Brick for the first time and this segment leaped out at me.  This song (and lyric) is one of the many reasons I am a diehard fan of Paramore.

13 thoughts on “Keep Your Feet On the Ground When Your Heads in the Clouds

  1. PARAMORE! I actually wore my concert T-shirt yesterday. Okay, and we are both going to Grandvalley to share a dorm. I want my cds back.

  2. Get off my blog crazy. And i think I gave you those cd’s back a month ago. Thats why I like this song becasue I am mentally unstable.

  3. Figures. ITs kind of expected. If someone came up to me and was like “What song describes Riley’s life” i would reply with “W.T.P by Eminem” (of course) and then I’d say “Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore.”

  4. See this is why we are such good friends. And I would tell them that two songs to descibe you are “Cant be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus (Oh Miley), followed by “Sober” By Kelly Clarkson.

  5. See now im just a tad bit confused. My favorite cereal is not frosted flakes. Its Reese’s Puffs.

  6. I just don’t like cereal in general. The more I think about the choices of songs that describe you life i think “Riley is mentally unstable white trash.”

  7. I think that this song as a whole is just flat out amazing lyrics. I do agree with the points you emphasize, because when your dreaming big you need to alway have your mind within the real world.

  8. I love this post because I also relate to the advice in this song. I think Hayley Williams is trying to say that its ok to look to the future and dream but you also need to look at the present and live in the moment too.

  9. Do you listen to music other than Paramore? Do you think that this is a lyric that would affect different age groups in different ways? Do you think that “head in the clouds” always has to mean joy?

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